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News -- March 4th 2015 --


Just in time for the popcorn snow of cherry blossoms here in Portland, we've got a new NOÖ Weekly for you! Guest-edited by Madeline ffitch in honor of her amazing debut book of stories from Publishing Genius: Valparaiso, Round the Horn.

Madeline has put together the most versatile NOÖ Weekly ever, maybe! We've got songs, stories, sleeping bags, paintings, poems, and knife guides.

Featuring Jacob Khepler, Rachel B Glaser, Ben Hersey, Elspeth Elnora Swanson Vance, James Miranda, Kyla Zoe Rafert, Jordan O Jordan, and an exclusive story by Madeline herself!

Check it out!

Visit us in Minneapolis at AWP, table 2018 with Magic Helicopter Press and Big Lucks.

Also, mark your calendars for Saturday 4/11 at 8 pm: MHP, Big Lucks, and Black Cake Records are hosting a big shindig featuring a slew of NOÖ contributors and editors including Carrie Lorig, Nick Sturm, Mathias Svalina, Meagan Cass, Evelyn Hampton, and more. The future is in your heart.





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