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Editors' Notes


It All Starts With Food     Gwyn O'Brien
Adam Versus the Ape    Walter Williams
Mega-Cities in Katrina's Wake   Megan Peterson
You to NOÖ    You
Games & Graphics    Kyle Peterson
                            and Kingston Wormwood


American Rules     Carol Novack
Hidden Treasure     Grant Perry
She Wears a Green Hat and Eats      Cantaloupe     Steven J. Dines
Hide and Seek     Mitzi McMahon
Gladiolas     Lance Nalley


Silver Maple     Patry Francis
Blind Sailor's Lament     Jean Hendrickson
Once Upon a Ward    Terry R. Banks
That's Precision    Rich Murphy
There Is Nothing Erotic Oswald LeWinter
January Train   Thomas Reynolds


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Issue [two] Autumn 2005

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