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Life Socks: Ask Dr. Pete    Pete Sarbone
In the Shadow of Celan: A Journeyman Poet Dissents   Norman Ball
The Truth About Hemp: Part I   Kyle Peterson
You to NOÖ: Jazz Funeral    Karel Sloane
Games & Graphics    Robert Sergel


Hat Trick   Caleb Puckett
The Cost of Drifting   Terry Sanville
Far From the Eyes of the Sun   Aaron Hellem
Haircut    Lydia Copeland


A Letter to Joe Gomez   Louis E. Bourgeois
Home at 3AM, After DJing the Late Shift   
Christine Potter
Longing for a Pastoral Environment   Maurice Oliver
The Soldier Sways on a Swing   Liz Gallagher
An American Monologue      Benjamin Buchholz
Old People Taking Their Shoes Off 
Nathan Parker
from Areas of Fog        Joseph Massey


Featured Artist: Evah Fan


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Issue [six] 2007

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