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NOÖ Journal  began in 2005 in Weed, CA. We are a free literary print/online journal distributed all over.

Our contributors range from emerging to award-winning, sometimes both. Work first published in NOÖ has won recognition from Best of the Web, Best of the Net, the Million Writers Award and Best American Nonrequired Reading.

We put out numbered issues as we can—in print and online—and an occasional guest-edited online-only series that we inaccurately but sentimentally call NOÖ Weekly.

Our mission is to serve as a gateway into diverse communities of independent literature and art. We are invested in making these communities inclusive and collaborative. To this end, we exhibit:

1) Fiction and poetry that is honest, well-crafted, contemporary, and resonant.

2) Presentations and reviews of independent literature that highlight exciting new work in an approachable and thoughtful critical voice.

3) Visual art of many stripes and flavors from artists who are aware they live today and that other people lived yesterday

Our people are as follows:

Managing Editor: RE Katz

Fiction Editors: Gene Kwak and Austin Hayden
Poetry Editors: Carrie Lorig and Nick Sturm

Publisher / Designer: Mike Young

Note: We stopped working with Tyler Gobble (who also goes by the name Biscuits Calhoun) in April 2015 for reasons detailed in Layne Ransom's "I Should Not Have Had to Write This."


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