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Vouched Books
Presented by Laura Straub
For Out of the Heart Proceed by Jensen Beach
Presented by Scott Daughtridge
People Are Tiny in Paintings of China by Cynthia Arrieu-King
Presented byLaura Straub
Hallelujah Giant Space Wolf  by Daniel Bailey
Presented by Erin McNellis
Vital Pursuits by Evan Glasson
Presented by Tyler Gobble
Short Dark Oracles by Sara Levine
Presented by Laura Straub
Jombang Jet by Michael Earl Craig
Presented by Nate Logan
20 Good Books: A Reading Journal of 2012
Presented by Mike Young
72 More Books, Many of Which Are Also Good: More Reading Journal of 2012
Presented by Mike Young


Nicholas Lockyer
We Penetrated Deeper and Deeper Into the Heart of Darkness
Nicholas Lockyer
Nicholas Lockyer
Nicholas Lockyer


Meagan Cass
The Body
Julianna Spallholz
Junk Movements
Nalini Abhiraman
Diary of Hunter Green: #7 & #9
Jeremy Bauer
Ben Segal
Women Guess
Ashley Farmer
Other Women
Ashley Farmer
Land Blood Bank
Elizabeth Mikesch
Elizabeth Mikesch
Neon God From the Top Turnbuckle
Gene Kwak


Fail You Back
Kelly Schirmann
Clock in Again
Kelly Schirmann
Kelly Schirmann
Every Language
Kelly Schirmann
No Enemy
Kelly Schirmann


Morgan Parker
Car on Fire in the Snow
Mike Krutel
from Everything I Destroyed Was Bad
Lisa Ciccarello
We Are Both Sure to Die
Wendy Xu
Self-Portrait With New Weapons Systems
Hai-Dang Phan
I Shall Play Unapologetically
Russell Jaffe
Conversations in a Pool
RE Katz
Anne Boyer
Poem Composed Entirely With Last Lines in Katha Pollitt Poems
James Valvis
Yes, I Will Go
Meghan Privitello
Not Quite Mean or Nice But Okay
Marit Ericson
A Vacuum Is Used But Never Used Up
Joe Kmiecik
The Abyss Has No Biographer
Chris Toll
Emily Toder
FDR Gets Up From the Table With His Hands Over His Ears
Elizabeth J. Colen
Katie Jean Shinkle
Behind the Times
Tony Mancus
And Afterward Then Parabolic Apple Breath
Ron Winkler tr. by Rodney Nelson


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“Deathbound” © 2013 Nicholas Lockyer
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“Religion as a social institution” from Chapter 22 of Society Today (1971) © Karl Nicholason

found by Superbomba Lucy Diamond Phillips

    No Enemy by Kelly Schirmann

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