at least that's what we say we are doing

Do please check out Seeing Other People, local artist Sara Blaylock's slamzidang little ode-to-Northampton chapbook. In her words:

I asked some writers to compose a story or poem that focuses on a character. I live in a place with all these characters. They couple. They room. They drink hairy liquor. They play contact sports.

Where we live, everyone believes books will turn people on. Zadie Smith’s collection of 24 writers, The Book of Other People, knocked my socks off. I was so enraptured by her idea that I wished I had done it. So I did.

Here, with 18 writers — all who live or have lived in a little New England town.

I've got an MC O piece in there, and there is stuff from loads of munchkins: Gabe Durham, Jono Tosch, Lyndsey Cohen, Edward Mullany, Jeannie Hoag, Rachel B. Glaser, Ari Feld, Lily Ladewig, Brian Mihok, Boomer Pinches, Christy Crutchfield, Heather Christle, Brian Baldi, Jack Christian, Anjali Khosla Mullany, Francesca Chabrier, and Seth Landman. These are most of my Northampton friends right now, so it's sweet to see us all together.

Preview Seeing Other People online and grab a copy for $5. That's what, a few pinkie baths?


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